SGMRD vs. Team Rock’Est (Dec. 10th, 2016)

It’s about time for a short recap of our last game against our French friends from Metz and Straßbourg, Team Rock’Est.

Final Score:

SGMRD 193 - 86 Team Rock'Est

SGMRD 193 – 86 Team Rock’Est


We were able to roster 13 players, among them we had 2 novices and some returning players. We were also happy to welcome Chibi Chibster from the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz as Lineup Manager.
The game itself was intense and physical. Team Rock’Est was able to field jammers with really quick feet and amazing acceleration. However, SGMRD’s defensive walls held tight and forced the French jammers to recycle again and again or made them commit penalties and spend precious time at the penalty box. Team Rock’Est committed roughly twice as much penalties as SGMRD (42 against 22).

In the meantime, our jammer rotation of Duke Jukem, Bloodred Kelly, Mahatma Bronson and Psycho Crusher were able to get Lead Jammer status in 2/3 of the jams and could score constantly.
We quickly built up a nice lead until Team Rock’Est switched to playing more physical offense against our walls which briefly slowed us down.

Thanks to our experienced core team and our great bench staff we were able to adapt our game and keep the upper hand without loosing step.

Half Time had us in the lead with 99:49 and we never looked back. The second half continued just as the first with hard hits, artistic jamming and solid walls.

It was a wonderful and fair game, we had a blast and won some new fans for Men’s Roller Derby (as they told us after the game).

See you soon in Frankfurt!


All images are (c) by Olivier Vax (

Many more pictures of this game here: SGMRD vs. Team Rock’Est (all by Olivier)


SGMRD Roster:

#11 – Jam Pain
#111 – Andy Bar
#12 – Michael Broydo
#1337 – Big Red
#17 – Lukomotive
#23 – Duke Jukem
#3 – Mahatma Bronson
#4 – Bloodred Kelly
#619 – Krasser Kollege
#666 – Rolling Reaper
#667 – Psycho Crusher
#85 – Track Gyver
#999 – Steißkerl

Bench: Ellie Minate
Line Up: Chibi Chibster